Q.1 Unseen Passage 1. Read the following passage "Prevention is better than cure" Q. 2. Read the following passage "Yoga is the ancient system". Q.3. Read the following passage "There seems to be a general opinion in this country Q.4. Write an application to your Principal requesting him to grant you 2 days leave because you are sick. Q.5 You are Govind, residing in 91, Sai Nagar, Indore. Write a letter to your friend Deepak inviting him to attend your elder sister’s marriage. Q.6. Read the following passage carefully "Discipline is necessary in life." Q.7. Develop an article on the topic ‘To make clean India’ with the help of the given phrases: Q.8 Write an essay in 200 words on " My Hobby " topics : Q.9 Fill in the blanks by using the correct form of verbs given in brackets